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Open Thread: Wild Card Weekend Reactions And How Would the Cardinals Have Fared?

The first round of the 2012 NFL playoffs is complete. Every single home team won, which is a surprise considering the Denver Broncos shocked the world again with their overtime victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers. The New Orleans Saints looked despicably good against the Detroit Lions, the Atlanta Falcons looked despicably out of their league and the Houston Texans looked good as well.

As an Arizona Cardinals fans, does it make you wonder how things would have been had they sneaked into the playoffs? If they had, it likely would have been on the road against the New Orleans Saints, where the Cardinals were embarrassed the last time they went there in the playoffs.

What about the actual games that were played? What did you take away from the weekend? Can Tim Tebow really keep this up? Can the Houston Texans?

My biggest takeaway is that Green Bay could be in for some trouble. I think the Giants are trouble right now.

Denver's win was huge, but Tom Brady is waiting for him again.

I thought that everyone favoring the Bengals over the weekend was foolish. The Bengals had never won a playoff game on the road (EVER) and rookie quarterbacks on the road don't usually fare well in the playoffs. Guess what? That is exactly what happened.

The Saints are sick right now, but even though the possibility of a humiliating loss, I would have loved to have seen the Cardinals on the road with their defense. I get the feeling that New Orleans doesn't put up 45 points this time around.

Well, this thread is for you to talk about your observations for the weekend of football that passed. Feel free as well to speculate some about how Arizona would have fared over the weekend if they were in.

Take it away...

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