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Arizona Cardinals vs Miami Dolphins: Bonehead Play of the Game

The Arizona Cardinals continue many trends in their win in overtime over the Miami Dolphins. One trend, is to give fans a roller coaster ride filled with highs and lows that had to have hospitals throughout Arizona preparing their cardiac care units. The other is that they have continued to win, digging deep and overcoming challenges self-generated or otherwise. The Cardinals Offense was unable to put points on the board until the second half, based largely due to the constant pressure the Miami Dolphins were able to apply and the terrible protection the Cardinals Offensive line could provide.

The Bonehead play this week is the forced throw-interception in the end zone by Kevin Kolb. Rather than throwing it out of the back of the end zone Kolb forced it to the right side to try to allow Fitz one last chance to make the play. Instead, it was an outstanding play by the defense who was able to catch the ball, maintain possession, and get his feet down similar to the interception John Skelton threw in the first game of the season.

The honorable mention for bonehead is awarded to Mike Miller, the Arizona Cardinals Offensive Coordinator, who did not make enough adjustments to provide more protection and time for Kevin Kolb against the constant pressure of Cameron Wake and the rest of the Dolphins defense. Something has to be said to Miller and Offensive Line Coach/Assistant Head Coach Russ Grimm about the eight sacks that were given up and the 1-2 seconds of protection Kolb had to make a decision and throw the ball.

The Cardinals were able to win the game in the end, but only due to an incredible defensive effort to cause turnovers and put the offense in good field position. Kolb and company deserve a lot of credit for their 4th quarter comeback to tie the game, but where were those adjustments during the first three quarters of the game Miller and Grimm?