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Chris Johnson to the Arizona Cardinals? Thanks, but no thanks

Rumors have been flying that the Arizona Cardinals not only should have interest in Titans running back Chris Johnson, but that they should if they don't already. I say no way.

Andy Lyons - Getty Images

Many outlets around the web are suggesting that the Tennessee Titans are now looking at offers for their one time star running back, Chris Johnson. After rushing for over 2,000 yards just three short seasons ago, Johnson is now stuck in a hole he can't seem to get out of and crying all the way through.

Pro Football Talk suggested the idea of the Arizona Cardinals trading for his services (which Darren Urban brought up in his blog here). With Beanie Wells not due back for a few more weeks and Ryan Williams down for the year, Johnson could provide a great boost to what has been a nonexistent run game.

To me, this is just a lousy idea.

Why sign a guy for such a quick fix? What does the team then do with Beanie Wells once he comes off the IR later this season? How about Ryan Williams when he returns in 2013? That would make him like an even bigger draft bust than he already does and, frankly, I am not ready to give up on Williams yet.

Oh, and then what about his contract? Do the Cardinals really want to pay out the $55 million deal that he was given by the Titans? Paying a guy with such little production for the next 4.5 season would take away from signing other, more key pieces to long term deals.

There is also the issue of his limited production. While he continues to blame his offensive line, he continues to piece together a season that will end with him having somewhere in the neighborhood of 700 yards. Impressive, huh? I am sure the Titans are glad they are paying him all that money for his 2.9 yards per carry. Besides, he would probably be worse behind the Cardinals' line.

Finally, this guy is an absolute cancer in the locker room. He was quoted as saying that the Titans are 'not even close to a good team' and that they need to bring in a person to "spark" better play. Um, wasn't that why they paid you so much money, Chris? The Titans have plenty of leaders on their team, so why is it that you can't seem to get your head screwed on straight? There must be something in the air in Tennessee (see: Young, Vince).

Instead, the Cardinals should just pick up a free agent. The cost is lower, they wouldn't be surrendering a draft pick and they won't get all the drama that would come with Johnson.

As opposed to the Chris Johnson that became famous in 2009 for his 2,000 yard season, the Cardinals would likely be trading for a shell of the guy that once was him. CJ2K? No way.

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