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The offensive line may be worse than initially thought, according to Pro Football Focus

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The Arizona Cardinals have an awful offensive line, but just how bad can it really be?

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The offensive line for the Arizona Cardinals is not very good.

There, that is essentially what this post is going to be about. Feel free to close it up and go look at another one of our great articles written here on Revenge of the Birds. But if you want to know why I say that, stick around.

The Cardinals' offensive line has struggled in both main phases of the game in 2012: run blocking and pass protection. In fact, Pro Football Focus rates them as the worst in each category. Yes, the worst in the NFL. And it is by a long shot.

In pass protection, the Cards received a grade of -48.8. The closest opponents are the Jacksonville Jaguars with a -22.5. In rub blocking, the Cardinals boast a slightly improved -39.5 with the Jets falling in second to last place with a score of -25.2. The Cardinals, as you can see, are the absolute worst in both categories.

Then you have to find out who the culprits are along the line. We know the tackles are bad, but they are not the only two. Joining them is guard Adam Snyder, who is the overall worst pass/screen/run blocking guard in all of football among guards who have taken at least 25% of their team's snaps. His score, according to PFF? -16.4. He has allowed 3 sacks, 2 hits and 8 pressures from the guard position. And his run blocking has an even worse grade than his pass protection does.

The fun doesn't stop there, either. D'Anthony Batiste and Bobby Massie are numbers 69 and 68 respectively in the pass protection rankings. How many players are there, you ask? 69. Batiste is also 67th of 69 in run blocking, while Massie lands in the 33rd spot. You know the stats on these guys. They have given up a combined 17 sacks this season.

And don't think those are the only players responsible for the poor play. Lyle Sendlein, a captain for the team and long thought of as one of the steady players, is 34th among the 35 centers that qualify in run blocking. In pass protection, he has allowed a hit, a sack and 5 hurries.

Daryn Colledge truly is the only decent lineman the Cards have, per PFF. He has a positive grade in every category except for screen blocking, where he is a neutral 0.0.

What can the Cardinals do to fix this? Really, they cannot do anything except for get through the season with Kevin Kolb still intact. Drafting players along the line will be key next summer.

Depressed? Yeah, me too.

Special thanks to Pro Football Focus who, because of their hard work, did not allow me to eat breakfast today.

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