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NFL power rankings: Arizona Cardinals fall after loss to Rams

Where do the Cardinals rank around the Web after suffering their first loss?

Christian Petersen - Getty Images

After the Arizona Cardinals suffered their first loss of the season last Thursday, it had to be expected that they would no longer be among the league's elite in the rankings that you find around the Internet. Since there were plenty of naysayers even with a 4-0 start, there is probably good reason to see Arizona plummet.

Here is where your Cards rank according to different media outlets.

On our very own site, GreaZzy ranked the Cardinals ninth.

The offensive line (see: Batiste, D'Anthony) has looked overmatched all season, making Cardinals fans everywhere long for Levi Brown. Losing Ryan Williams for the year hurts a lot too. Really, not a good week for the Cardinals. Defense is still good though!

Cody Ulm for SB Nation Arizona dropped Arizona three spots to number seven

Let's hope Thursday's loss is the low-light of the season but at least you can't debate Kevin Kolb's toughness after that Rams game. Arizona isn't as bad as they looked but perhaps they aren't as good as we hoped, especially when their already non-existent running threats are dropping like flies.

SB Nation still surprisingly has them in their top 10, at number nine.

Finally, the Cardinals have lost a game. They were the third remaining undefeated team in the NFL. Did you ever think you'd say that about Arizona?

The latest rankings from CBS Sports give the Cards a similar three-spot drop, placing them ninth.

They have to protect Kevin Kolb better. That was horrible at St. Louis. He might not make it through the season.

Lastly, ESPN also keeps the Cards ninth, also falling three spots. They note the struggles with the running game, which are well documented.

The Cardinals ranked last in yards per carry before losing Ryan Williams for the season.

I know that for many of you these meanings don't mean anything, but it does give us an idea of how the team is perceived nationally. Are they far off what you believe about our team?