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The last week in GIFs in the NFL

A new series we will have for the next few weeks is showing you some of the best gifs of the week. Normally I will focus the Cardinals and their game, but there was only one I could find and one related to it.

So here is the one from the game against the Rams and then some of the best plays from Week 5 in the NFL.

The sick catch the Danny Amendola made was insane. He was interfered with and he slipped, but still hauled in the pass.

After he got hurt, he was mad:


Remember when Jay Cutler hated Mike Tice? Things are apparently better. They kissed and made up.


Think you can tackle Percy Harvin? Think again.


How about a double pass? Who says you can't throw two forward passes?


Reggie Wayne? He's still good.


Defensive lineman can catch, too.


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