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NFL Expert Picks, Week 6: The ROTB writers try again

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We're not experts necessarily, but we do make picks. See what they are.

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Week 5 is in the books and the picks were apparently easy. No one did worse than 9-5, with Jesse Reynolds being the king of picks at 12-2. How did you do last week? And what do you think of our picks this week?

Jess Root: 49-28 (10-4) Steelers, Falcons, Ravens, Browns, Dolphins, Jets, Eagles, Bucs, Cardinals, Pats, Giants, Vikings, Packers, Broncos

Alex Mann: 35-26 (9-5) Pitt, Atlanta, Baltimore, Cleveland, Miami, Indianapolis, Detroit , Tampa Bay, Arizona, New England, Giants, Minnesota, Green Bay, Chargers

Jesse Reynolds: 21-9 (12-2) Pitt, Atlanta, St. Louis, Cinci, Indy, Philly, Kc, Baltimore, Seattle, Arizona, Minnesota, Houston, Denver

cdeveau: 38-23 (10-4)

Tyler Nickel: 37-24 (11-3) Cardinals, Steelers, Bengals, Bucs, Dolphins, Lions, Falcons, Colts, Ravens, Patriots, 49ers, Vikings, Texans, Broncos

Skii: 37-24 (9-5)

GreaZzy: 37-24 (10-4) Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Baltimore, Cleveland, St Louis, Indianapolis, Detroit, Kansas City, Arizona, New England, New York Giants, Minnesota, Green Bay, Denver

khodder: 22-7 (11-3) Pittsburgh, Tampa, Atlanta, Baltimore, Miami, Philly, Cincinnati, Indy, Arizona, Seattle, Washington, Sf, Houston, Denver

Randy Fields: 36-15 (10-4) Pitt, Tampa Bay, Colts, Bengals, Lions, Falcons, Dolphins, Ravens, Cardinals, Patriots, 49ers, Vikings, Packers, Broncos