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San Francisco 49ers, not Cardinals will make the trip to England to play Jaguars

Just a day after a report suggested that the Arizona Cardinals would be one of four possible teams to play the Jacksonville Jaguars in London (by means of schedule analysis), the league has announced that the division rival San Francisco 49ers would face the Jags at Wembley Stadium in London on October 27, 2013.

For Cardinals fans, this likely will come with a sigh of relief because of the travel distance and the Cards' traditionally bad record with travelling east -- and travelling to London would be WAY to the east.

The NFL announced previously that the Jags would play one "home" game in London from 2013-2016. There has been a game in London every season since 2007.

Because the trip is rough, do you think that it will hurt the Niners next year, even though it is playing the Jags and Blaine Gabbert -- not exactly the toughest of competition. And are you glad or sad that Arizona will not take the trip. Clearly it is a little disappointing for the fans we know in this community that live in England, but overall it is a probably a positive for the team