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Cardinals vs. Bills: Patrick Peterson covering Stevie Johnson will be fun to watch

It is one of the key matchups to watch for on Sunday.

Rick Stewart - Getty Images

Wide receiver Stevie Johnson for the Buffalo Bills is having a fairly productive season so far. He has 21 catches for three touchdowns and his quarterback, Ryan Fitzpatrick is among the league's leaders in passing touchdowns with 12. Cornerback Patrick Peterson of the Arizona Cardinals talked about the matchup and what he will have to do to to have success on Sunday.

The challenge that Peterson has is that Johnson is a key target for Fitzpatrick. Peterson praised the quarterback saying he "does a pretty good job of putting it in his (Johnson's) grasp to give him the opportunity to make a play."

How is Johnson different than other receivers he has guarded? He is less physical.

"He has very quick feet," said Peterson of Johnson. "He's very quick at the line of scrimmage. He gives a couple of different looks and is going to try to force the corner to open up his hips, so I have to do a great job of staying patient and staying square, so I can dictate pretty much where I want him to go."

Peterson has picked off two passes this year, but has been penalized three times in coverage. he has not given up a touchdown and, according to Pro Football Focus, he has been targeted 28 times, allowing 12 catches.

If Peterson can lock down Johnson, it will limit the chances that Buffalo has of making big plays and potentially cause turnovers, as Fitzpatrick has thrown eight so far.

How do you see this matchup ending up on Sunday?