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Cardinals vs. Bills: What to watch for

Can the Cardinals hand the Bills yet another big loss? Will the offensive line hold up against Mario Williams and the other pass rushers? How will the quarterbacks perform? All of this and more are things to watch for as the Cards host the Bills on Sunday afternoon.

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The Arizona Cardinals, by this time, are preparing themselves both physically and mentally after suffering their first loss of the season to the St. Louis Rams a week and a half ago. While many thought the Rams should have been chalked up as a victory, they played hard, ran the ball and got pressure on Kevin Kolb. Those are all things the Bills are capable of doing as well.

They feature a tremendous set of pass rushers with Mario Williams at the vanguard of the group. They also have talented linemen in Kyle Williams and Marcell Dareus, as well as another rusher in Mark Anderson that they can use. The offensive line of the Cardinals has allowed 17 sacks in their past two games. Does the buck stop here?

If they can protect Kolb, he should play well. He isn't an other worldly quarterback, but he makes big throws when needed and can get the ball to his talented receivers in Larry Fitzgerald and Andre Roberts. With the run game lacking any star power whatsoever, Kolb will rely on the passing game much like he has done all season long.

We have to keep an eye on the other quarterback, too. Ryan Fitzpatrick has really struggled this season and is not looking worthy of the big contract he signed just last year. Against a pretty good, but ailing, Cardinals defense, he will need to prove that he can air it out and beat a top flight, but sometimes lackadaisical secondary.

Finally, I think the Bills try to utilize their talented running backs quite a bit in this game. Fred Jackson and C.J. Spiller combine to create one of the best running tandems in the entire league and without a precise gameplan to stop them, they will run over opposing teams. Keeping contain on the outside, while stuffing up the middle with the nose tackles and linebackers will be important.

QB pressure, protection, passing game, running game: they all sound pretty basic, right? We will just have to wait and see which team executes better. Whoever does will be the victor of this game.

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