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Cardinals vs. Bills: 5 negatives from the 19-16 loss

The Cardinals fell to the Buffalo Bills on Sunday, losing their second consecutive game on the season. Here

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The Cardinals are tumbling back down to earth awfully fast. After losing to the Rams on the road, which was a justifiable loss, the Cardinals dropped their second game in a row, falling to the Bills at home in overtime, 19-16. There was some things the team did well, but in all, they couldn't overcome the few big mistakes that they made.

Here are five of the many negatives that I saw during the game.

1. An overtime defeat

The Cardinals, after having won their past five overtime games (all at home), finally dropped one. In fact, six of their last ten home games have gone to overtime. While it could have been prevented by avoiding a couple of mishaps, I guess it wasn't in the cards for the Cards to continue winning like that forever.

2. Feely's missed kick

If anyone can explain to me how a player makes a 61 yard field goal, then turns around and misses a 38 yarder, I would be more than happy to listen. With three seconds left in regulation, quarterback John Skelton spiked the ball, giving Jay Feely the chance to win the game. Just as we thought Arizona had this one in the bag, Feely banked the ball off of the left goal post. Tragic. After the game, it was noted that defensive tackle Alex Carrington did get a hand on the ball, but what matters is that the field goal did not go in. From there, it went to overtime, where Arizona would eventually lose.

3. Skelton

Speaking of overtime, John Skelton's appearance in it didn't go all too well. Call it rust, call it a mistake or whatever you want. He made a bad throw that resulted in Jairus Byrd's second interception of the day and it also sealed the game for the Bills. In fact, he made the exact same mistake the Kevin Kolb had during about half an hour before. Skelton also missed some passes high/wide and did not look comfortable at all. He should have been more prepared to come in in a pinch.

4. Pass protection

Once again, D'Anthony Batiste was a disaster. The Cards gave up 5 sacks and 7 QB hits in total, one of which knocked Kolb out of the game. Sure, it was a broken play, but the pocket broke down awfully fast. Bobby Massie seemed to play better with the exception of getting beat by Mario Williams for sacks a couple of times. Still, it was somehow better. This unit is definitely the Achilles heel of this football club.

5. Injuries

The biggest injury of the game came in the fourth quarter when Kolb was forced to leave the game. He scrambled on a broken play and ended up injuring his ribs after two Bills linemen toppled down on him. No extent of the injury has been given yet.

The other big injury was to Kerry Rhodes. After hurting his back and being ruled out for the rest of the game, Rhodes surprised everyone and re-entered in the third quarter. Unfortunately, it wouldn't last long as he appeared to be in pain as soon as he walked back on to the field. To make matters worse, he was blocked from behind, ending the game for him. Hopefully he will be able to return soon.

Honorable mentions: Maui'a's ridiculous delay of game penalty that stopped a big drive, the first quarter offense, Kolb's interception

What do you think of these plays? Are you nervous about the Cardinals at this point? Tell us what you think.

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