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NFL week 6, NFC West update: How is the division faring after a few weeks played?

The only team of the NFC West to win on Sunday were the Seattle Seahawks. The race for the playoffs is becoming increasingly tight.

Brian Bahr - Getty Images

It was a rough week for the NFC West in week six. None of the teams had a bye and all of them played on Sunday, as opposed to a Thursday or Monday night football game. Just as we were beginning to think the NFC West was one of the better divisions in the NFL for once, three of the division's teams fell short.

The Seahawks were the only team to win. They have one of the best home field advantages in the NFL and showed why on Sunday, defeating the New England Patriots on a late bomb from Russell Wilson to Sidney Rice. They scored 14 points in the final half of the fourth quarter, giving them the edge and putting them in prime position to make a run for the top seed.

Still, it is the Arizona Cardinals that have the lead. They are tied with the Seahawks and 49ers at 4-2, but are the only one of the three teams with a division win. Unfortunately, they lost to a very inferior Bills team at home, making that their second consecutive loss. Kevin Kolb is injured and may be out for some time with a rib/chest injury. John Skelton, who replaced Kolb late in the game, went 2/10 and threw a pick that decided the game. The Cards better heat up quick, as the 49ers and Seahawks are right on their coattails.

Speaking of the 49ers, they lost on Sunday as well. Many thought they were the best team in the NFL, but the Super Bowl champion New York Giants decided to throw their hat into the ring defeating the '9ers at Candlestick, 26-3. Eli Manning controlled the game against a stellar defense and Ahmad Bradshaw scored the first TD that San Fran has allowed all year.

As for the Rams, well, we knew they would probably be at the bottom once again. Still, they are far from out of the race at 3-3 and could still make a bid for a playoff berth. Losing to the Dolphins never helps your case, but the Cardinals almost did that as well. The Rams are a young, budding team that needs to continue to surround Sam Bradford with weapons and help protect him along the line.

Overall, a poor week for the NFC West. Maybe next Sunday will be better to them.

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