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Cardinals vs. Bills: 5 positives from the 19-16 OT loss

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To make a long story short, that was a terrible game.

Norm Hall - Getty Images

And in such a terrible game, there really aren't that many positives to look for. So, in cases like these, we try to grab what we can and run with them.

1) Jay Feely's 61 yard FG: Although he missed the potential game-winning FG, which should've been an easy, 38 yard boot, he did shock all of us when he nailed that 61 yarder. It also shows that Jay Feely does have one of the most incredible legs in the league, and this could be huge for future drives (And yes, there will most probably be many, many more drives like that one, if the Cardiac Cards have any say in it)

2) Kevin Kolb's Mobility: Kevin Kolb only trailed RB William Powell by 4 yards for the title of lead rusher for the team. He carried the ball 5 times on the ground for 66 yards, with an long of 22. It's good to know that Kolb has other options when he's forced to evacuate the pocket.

3) A new record for Fitz: In case any of you didn't know, Larry Fitzgerald has officially joined Randy Moss as the only two WR's in NFL history to reach 10,000 yards receiving before their 30th birthday (Fitz did it the quickest of the two). This is an amazing feat by an amazing player. It also makes you wonder how much faster he would have done this, if he had someone like Aaron Rodgers throwing the ball to him (I'm writing this just seconds after reading that Rodgers threw 6 TD's against Houston).

4) William Powell: Although Powell started the game slow, he was able to pick up his game, and managed to get some huge 1st Downs for the Cardinals. He led the Cardinals RB's with 13 rushes for 70 yards, and even averaged 5.4 yards per carry.

5) Special Teams: Late in the 3rd quarter, facing 4th and 2, the Cardinals decided against the punt. Instead of hiking the ball to P Dave Zastudil, it was sent in the direction of S Rashad Johnson, who carried it 24 yards, which was well past the 1st down. Although Kolb and the offense were unable take advantage of the long run, it was still a huge play by the Special Teams, and one the Cardinals will most definitely be using in the future.