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Cardinals V.S. Bills Player of the Game

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There were plenty of players who deserved this prestigious award with their individual play... But should they?

Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

First person whom comes to mind... Jay Feely. Yes he missed the game winner from 38 yards out, but he did kick a 63 yarder with room to spare, and this was the Jay Feely and Defense Show yet again this season.

Patrick Peterson: His 3rd Interception came at the most opportune of times, preserving the 16-13 lead the Bills had and allowing Arizona a chance to tie or win the game. It was an ill advised pass from Brad Smith, but there was a missed PI call, either way the pick came and we got a chance to live.

William Powell: Our run game seemed rejuvenated behind him. 70 yards on 13 carries and a 5.4 YPC. Unfortunately a mental error cost him the rest of the game, so hopefully with another week he'll reduce that.

Kevin Kolb: Now hear me out. Yes he wasn't stellar in the passing game, but his 66 yards rushing was good for second on the team, and they came in crucial moments. He survived till the end of the 4th quarter which is also a plus in my book when you play behind this truly Offensive Line.

And Finally, I'm going to surprise a few people but should we hand out a game ball? Yes individuals shined when needed, but the team lost and it is a team sport so should anyone be deserving of it?