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Bills' Jairus Byrd talks about his interceptions

He picked off two on virtually the same play.

Norm Hall - Getty Images

During the game on Sunday between the Arizona Cardinals and Buffalo Bills, Buffalo safety Jairus Byrd had two key interceptions, including one in the overtime that set up the winning Rian Lindell field goal. Byrd explained a little bit about his picks.

How was he able to get them?

"It was just the principles of our defense," he said after the game. "The way we play it allows me to, depending on what the receiver does, frees me up to make plays. Fortunately, I was able to do that. From what the receiver did, I was able to go to the middle and help out."

What did he see on the play?

"It was a post route," he explained. "He tried to bring it over the middle and I was able to jump it."

Kevin Kolb did not speak to reporters after the game, as he was being examined by team doctors, but John Skelton clarified what he saw.

"We just basically have scissor routes outside and the backside safety, which you almost never take into account, came back across and picked it,' Skelton said. "It's the same play that Kevin (Kolb) threw the interception on. The guy made a good play."

I guess it was one of two things. Either in that particular coverage, they never saw on film where the safety came back into the middle of the field, or both quarterbacks made the exact same bad error. I found it interesting how he said that you normally don't worry about that safety. I wonder why that is.

Regardless, the picks happened and the game was lost. Let's hope the same mistakes don't show up again by either guy in the weeks to come.