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Arizona Cardinals injury update: Kevin Kolb's x-rays negative, fans wait on results from MRI

Both Kevin Kolb and Kerry Rhodes are set to undergo/have undergone MRI's to assess the extent of their injuries.

Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

On Sunday, the Arizona Cardinals lost two of their 22 starters to what could be very serious injuries. The most important and nationally recognized one came to quarterback Kevin Kolb, who had been playing quite well for the Cardinals as of late. He left in the fourth quarter after being tackled by two Bills defenders.

It was announced later on that he suffered a rib/chest injury, but no further news was given. That same night, Kolb received X-rays on his chest and everything came back negative. While that is good news, that is not all the team plans on doing to help ensure their quarterback is healthy. He was given an MRI on Monday, although the results of the scan have not yet been released.

From what it sounds like, Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt will be playing this issue pretty close to his chest. It is not likely that we found out who the starting quarterback is until at least the end of the week, possibly not until game time. John Skelton is back and able to take the starting spot once again, but in his relief of Kolb, he threw 2/10 with a game ending interception.

Also, safety Kerry Rhodes is set to undergo an MRI as well. Rhodes left the game in the second half against the Bills after re-injuring his back. No word has been given as to the severity of the injury, but Darren Urban did say that Rhodes was having a difficult time moving around the locker room after the game.

Stay tuned for further updates on the statuses of two very important Cardinals players.

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