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Cardinals fans, all hope is not lost (yet)

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If there is one thing that the Cardinals have shown over the last year, they can handle adversity.

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So things look bleak right now for the Cardinals. This is true. They have lost two straight games. They can't block anyone. They lost Kevin Kolb for a good chunk of the season. But it is not the end of the world. The team still can turn things around and even make the playoffs, or even win the division.

I haven't lost hope.

John Skelton will take over for Kolb. The team has won with him before, even when he wasn't playing well. He was technically the starter before he got hurt, so really we get the our starting quarterback. Now, based on what teammates have said, you can tell that Kolb is "their guy" and he has completely won over the locker room. But if you remember, reports were that Skelton had won over his teammates before. It's not like they started hating him. He just got hurt.

The defense is still there. They are doing their job. That will continue.

The offense will make adjustments. Remember that the team was 1-6 and rebounded nicely. The team is now 4-2, and I guess needs to rebound, but they're 4-2. They are in good shape.

The team does have a tough stretch of games. It really is possible that they could lose all four of them. But based on the last year, you know they won't. I think the worst they do is come away from the Atlanta game at 5-5. And is 5-5 really a terrible spot? With the schedule remaining after that, 10-6 is still viable.

However, even with the offensive issues, we know one thing. This team is tough and they don't give up. They had no business winning the game on Sunday against the Bills, but they were an Alex Carrington fingertip away from doing so.

Am I concerned? Yes. The coaching staff is, too. Do I think the world is over? No.

I still think this team will be competing for the playoffs down to the wire.

Sit back. Breathe. Enjoy the ride. It's going to be okay. It may not be completely pleasant, but what about the Cards' 11 wins since the midpoint of last season has been completely pleasant?

Mark my words. This team is going to bounce back. It is very good at that. And at the end of the season we will be talking about how great (and excruciating) it was.