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2012 NFL Power rankings: Arizona Cardinals falling a bit with losses

You had to expect it, but Arizona is dropping in the rankings with the losses to St. Louis and Buffalo.

Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

The Arizona Cardinals have lost two straight games after starting the season 4-0. Now, while most did not think that the team was as good as its 4-0 record, at 4-2 the sky isn't falling. True, Kevin Kolb is out for many weeks reportedly and the offense has had serious issues recently, but the team still is in okay shape.

What do media outlets around the Web think?

At SB Nation Arizona, Ryan Bafaloukos dropped the Cards from seventh to 12th.

The Cardinals fell again last week, and once again their starting quarterback was forced out of the game with an injury. The Cardinals offensive line has given up 22 sacks in the past three games.

At SB Nation, the national site, Joel Thorman gave them a six spot drop, from ninth to 15th.

So, the Cards aren't for real? That's two losses in a row after the 4-0 start. The NFC West is suddenly super competitive.

ESPN places them 11th, a drop of two spots, but they cite the offensive line issues.

Minnesota DE Jared Allen awaits a Cardinals offense that has allowed 22 sacks in its last three games.

CBS Sports gave the Cards a three-place drop to 12th. And isn't this statement the truth?

If that offense doesn't start scoring more, having a good defense won't matter. They made the Bills look good on defense.

Brian Billick believes the least in the Cards and was brutally honest with the offensive line play. He has them 15th in his power rankings for FOX Sports.

This is easily the worst offensive line in all of the NFL. Easily. It's not even close. much faith have you lost in the Cards? Surely you are down a bit -- we all are. But do you still believe that they can come out of this? I do. Give us your thoughts.