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2012 All Time Mock Draft: My Team

With the draft over, I decided to show my team off to ROTB.

Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Before I begin... I made A LOT of reaches in this draft. Clearly I won't be winning any rewards for best team ever, nor will I be winning the fans vote when Windy City Gridiron votes for who has the top team, but if this team was fielded against an NFL team today they would win, hands down.

The draft was 25 rounds, 11 players on Defense, 11 on Offense, a Head Coach, a Punter, and a Kicker. We were required to set our Offenses around a set scheme as well as our Offense. I decided to bring back the Air Coryell Offense, and role with a 3-4 Defense... Let's get started!

Round 1: Dan Fouts,QB, San Diego Chargers:
Definitely a reach. There was still Dan Marino, Steve Young, and all the other great QB's at this point, but Fouts ran Coryells offense, did amazingly, but could never win the big game. If he had been able to accomplish this feat, he would possibly be considered in the same class as Marino.

Round 2: Kellen Winslow, TE, San Diego Chargers:
Both were playing mates, and Winslow was Fouts favorite target in San Diego. Again a big reach and I had plenty of these early in the draft, which will certainly bring my team down.

Round 3: Jack Youngblood: DE, St. Louis Rams:
I have him as my RE in my scheme. He played OLB early on under a 4-3 scheme, but made the transition rather nicely to DE, after many considered him to small.

Round 4:Yale Lary, DB, Detroit Lions:
And let the reach picks continue. The decision between Punter and CB was easy. He picked off QB's 50 times, returning two of them to the house. However he was an exceptional punter, his play at CB was better.

Round 5: Dan Dierdorf, RT, St. Louis Cardinals:
My first Cardinal selection. Regarded as one of the best tackles in NFL history, he never won the big game and this team is his best shot to make it there.

Round 6:Russ Grimm, RG, Washington Redskins:
Made my right side pretty good right off the bat. Maybe picked these guys up to early, well positive I did, but Grimm will open up huge holes for my runningbacks.

Round 7: Dick LeBeau, CB, Detroit Lions
A great coach, and a great player. I continue my reach selections here but some of the better Corners were off the board by now.

Round 8: Larry Fitzgerald, WR, Arizona Cardinals
What does a Quarterback need outside of an O-Line? How about one of the greatest WR's in the NFL, and the greatest in the last decade. Short, intermediate, and deep throws are no problem for this man!

Round 9: Mike Munchak, LG, Houston Oilers
My guards are great, ones a better coach than the other... But I digress. Wait till you see my LT.

Round 10: Art Shell, LT, Raiders
I feel like I started making a turn around with my picks here. I followed a site that was shown to me and it paid off with steals and praise from some of the other members in the draft.

Round 11: Chuck Bednarik, MLB, Philadelphia Eagles
Initially selected to play as a Center. I moved him back an forth before settling with him as a Linebacker. He'll remembered as a great player at both positions, but he is a better backer than a center.

Round 12: Eric Dickerson, RB, Colts, Rams
I needed to fill my backfield by now. It was he or OJ Simpson, but Dickerson caught my eye more so than Simpson.

Round 13: Chris Doleman, OLB, Vikings

Round 14: Mel Hein, C, Giants
Great player steal towards the end of the draft.

Round 15 & 16: Larry Wilson & Adrian Wilson, FS/SS, Cardinals
I decided to go with the best safeties in Cardinals history. Troy Polamalu was just taken off the board so I figured if he goes in this round, Adrian will be gone soon. Both are exceptional players in the secondary.

Round 17: Jared Allen, LE, Vikings
I hold the top two players in Vikings history, for sacks in a season. Allen is closing in on Dolemans records with the Vikings, so either way... I still have the top players in Vikings history.

Round 18: Chris Hanburger, OLB, Redskins
One of the most underrated LB's in NFL history. He deserves to be noted amongst the best.

Round 19: Leo Nomellini, DT, Niners

11th overall pick in 1950, played 13 seasons with the Niners. 10x Pro Bowler, 9x All Pro, and has his number retired. Great player in the 1950's.

Round 20: James Lofton, WR, Packers
Larry needs a second option, Lofton had 14,004 career receiving yards, 75 TD's, and is a speedster, which is a plus in todays NFL.

Round 21: Randy Gradishar, LB, Broncos
Often considered to be the centerpiece of the Bronco's Orange Crush. An underrated LB, but again great player.

Round 22: Curly Lambeau, Coach, Packers
Runningback, Owner, Coach, Baseball player... The guy did everything back then. 229-134-22 record as a coach/player/owner. And has a football field named after him.

Round 23: Arian Foster, RB, Texans
He's young, but the way he has played to date makes me believe that he could be a great player in any era.

Round 24: David Akers, K, Niners
Great kicker in todays NFL. Better kickers were off the board already.

Round 25: Steve O'Neal, P, Jets/Saints
Plenty of guys worthy to be selected... But a 98 yard punt with a 1:05 hang time... Yeah you're on my team.