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Cardinals work out Chris Williams, look to shore up tackle position

The Arizona Cardinals worked out former Bears tackle Chris Williams on Thursday in the hopes that he could help provide some more protection that D'Anthony Batiste and Bobby Massie have not been able to.

Jonathan Daniel

The Arizona Cardinals brought in former Bears tackle Chris Williams for a workout on Thursday, presumably to possibly sign him to replace either D'Anthony Batiste or Bobby Massie along the offensive line. Both have struggled mightily up to this point and bringing in a young player with loads of potential could be the right move.

So who would Williams replace should the Cardinals sign him? He played both left and right tackle for the Bears, while playing left tackle in college at Vanderbilt. That seems to be where he excels and I think replacing Batiste from the starting lineup would be the right move anyhow. Batiste has struggled slightly more than Massie, plus, the Cards would like to continue to develop the rookie. They know what they have with the journeyman (Batiste), so replacing him should be the call they make, should they sign Williams.

I think it is a no-brainer to sign the former first round pick. As this report from the Chicago Tribune states (via Darren Urban of, Williams could be a fit wherever he goes, it's just that he could never get off the snide in Chicago. He was moved around far too much from both tackle positions and even to guard. Also, he dealt with more than his fair share of injuries, which severely stunted his development.

At this point, any warm body would pretty much be an upgrade at one of the tackle positions. Whether they sign Williams is up in the air, but after watching him work out and seeing that he could stop his defender for at least one snap must look promising.

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