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Victory over the Dolphins, Kevin Kolb discussed in latest Arizona Birdgang Podcast

How did Kevin Kolb perform against the Miami Dolphins? How about the play of the defense? Is this a trend that the fans of the Cardinals should be used to seeing? All of that on this week's Arizona Birdgang Podcast.

Christian Petersen - Getty Images

Another win, another podcast.

This time, Joe, McStats and I recorded the postgame Dolphins podcast for all fans to celebrate the Cardinals' victory over the Miami Dolphins! But was it really all that glorious?

Given how many passing yards the team gave up and how they allowed Brian Hartline to have a career day, should fans be nervous? Are the wheels falling off the bandwagon despite an Arizona victory? The guys discuss.

How about Kevin Kolb? At times he looked amazing and at others, he was just so-so. Is this something we should expect from him as the season progresses?

Finally, the defense looked mortal for the first time this season. What was it that the Dolphins were able to do that rattled Ray Horton's squad?

All of that and much, much more on this edition of the Arizona Birdgang Podcast! To listen, simply click the direct link or use the embedded player below. Thanks for listening!