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Cardinals own the TV ratings

The Cardinals OT thriller was the biggest thing watched in the Phoenix area.

Christian Petersen - Getty Images

The Arizona Cardinals released their rating for last weekends game on Sunday, and it's one of their best regular season ratings. According to the report, 746,000 people around the nation watched the game from the start, with 460,000 of those viewers in the Phoenix area. That's 45% of the televisions in the Phoenix area. However yesterday they announced that their ratings were higher than what was initially reported. The number went from approximately 460,000 people to 557,000 thus bringing the total level from 45% to 53% of the televisions in Phoenix.

Looking through previous articles about the Cardinals TV ratings, they haven't been that bad. Through the dismal 2010 campaign the game ratings were never below 45%, at least that's the case for home games. Their away games had lower ratings, their lowest being against the Vikings when only 400,000 people tuned in to watch it. (Which I find surprising since it was one of our more exciting games that year). In 2011 during that 6 game skid rating dropped, but again were higher than 45% for home games.

A side note... the 53% makes the Cardinals game the best watched program in the media market for Phoenix during the prior week, and could possibly even beat out tomorrows Presidential debates that will take place.