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Arizona Cardinals Moderator game ball for week 4

Which Cardinals player received the moderator game ball for their performance in week four's victory over the Miami Dolphins?

Christian Petersen - Getty Images

4 - 0. That's right, the Arizona Cardinals are one of three still unbeaten teams, remaining that way with a nail-biting overtime victory over the visiting Miami Dolphins.

As overtime suggests, the game was very tight, with a few lead changes late in the competition. This also led to some very great plays, and stellar performances. Below are the moderator's choices for game ball of the week, and their reasons why.

Jesse Reynolds went with Andre Roberts, stating, "I'm going with Roberts. After a shaky start to his career he is looking like a legit WR in the NFL. I even put a claim on him in my fantasy league."

Alex Mann stayed with offense for his choice, selecting Kevin Kolb. "Kolb backed up bad plays with great plays and hung in there to help us win."

Randy Fields switched it up, going defense with his pick. "Daryl Washington. Without that forced fumble the game would have been lost. D-Wash makes the play, Big Vonnie Holliday makes the recovery and allows the Cardinals one last chance to win. Kevin Kolb and Andre Roberts both capitalized on the opportunity, but without D-Wash there is no last second drive."

Jess Root noted that in the Miami victory, many people stepped up. "In a game like Sunday's game, there are game balls to be handed out to many people. Dave Zastudil, Adrian Wilson, Kevin Kolb, Kerry Rhodes, Andre Roberts and Daryl Washington all could be good choices. But to go with an easy pick, my ball goes to Jay Feely for hitting yet another pressure kick to win the game."

Tyler Nickel went back to Andre Roberts with his choice, "I'll go with Andre Roberts as well. He made numerous clutch catches, moved the chains, and of course, scored touchdowns. He, unlike what I thought, is proving to be a true #2 wide receiver."

GreaZzy made his choice, going with the QB, but he did give a defensive player honorable mention, even though the player didn't suit up. "I'll give the QB some love this week. Kevin Kolb played like a quarterback who was there to win the game, rather then not lose it. Sure he made a few bonehead decisions, but in the end he made the plays we needed to win the game. Is this a recipe for consistent success? Probably not. But Kolb saved Mike Miller's butt, and won the game a la Kurt Warner. Honorable mention goes to Darnell Dockett. If you want an example of DD's impact on our defense, just watch this game."

Skii flipped it back to the defensive side. "I have to go with Patrick Peterson, he made some big plays, including that interception, that turned the game around. (Kolb, Fitz, Roberts, they all get shout outs)"

My choice, well I went with the offensive flow. "Andre Roberts. Six receptions for 118 yards and 2 TDs. He fought hard to keep drives alive, and put points on the board."

There you have it, straight from the minds' of the moderators. Their choices for game-ball player award. Until next week, go Cardinals!