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Patrick Peterson vs. Percy Harvin should be fun matchup to watch on Sunday

Two young talents will meet on the field this Sunday as the Arizona Cardinals are hosted by the Minnesota Vikings.


One of the most intriguing matchups that will arise tomorrow is between Patrick Peterson and Percy Harvin. As Bryan Gibberman over at SB Nation Arizona states, Peterson has been the ace in the hole for the Cardinals this season. As their top corner, he is asked to cover receivers all over the field, from the outside to the slot. Harvin, a weapon that happens to be used just about everywhere, including the backfield, will likely be in single coverage throughout most of the day with P2 on him.

Given that Peterson is such a sure tackler, he will need to stick to Harvin as best he can and bring him down fast, as Harvin is the type of explosive player that can make things happen in the open field. According to Pro Football Focus, via Bryan Gibberman, 418 of Harvin's 540 yards this season have come after the catch.

Both players feature unique speed and versatility. Based on how Peterson has fared against small quick receivers in the slot so far this season, such as Danny Amendola against the Rams, he may have some issues with Harvin. Not only is Harvin Christian Ponder's #1 target, but his ability to rush for major yards when Adrian Peterson is out of the game should create mismatches all over the field. When he lines up behind Ponder, he is a threat to receive and to run the ball. Will Patrick Peterson stick on him in those situations, or will the Cards rely on someone like Daryl Washington to cover him? Time will tell.

In all, this will be a fun matchup to watch. Unlike D'Anthony Batiste/Bobby Massie vs. Jared Allen, the Harvin/Peterson battle is pretty evenly matched. We will see who gets the better of who tomorrow morning.

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