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Jared Allen optimistic about playing Sunday, but won't be blocked by Larry Fitzgerald

Jared Allen joined a local Valley sports radio show to discuss the upcoming game between the Cardinals and Vikings.

Jamie Squire

XTRA 910 with Bickley and MJ hosted Jared Allen the other day to discuss the upcoming game between the Arizona Cardinals and the Minnesota Vikings. Via Sports Radio Interviews, Allen talked only a little bit about the game, but more about the players on his team that have them sitting at 4-2. The funniest part came when Bickley and Jurecki asked Allen about Larry Fitzgerald and what it's like playing against one of his best friends. Here is some of what he had to say.

There is hardly ever a doubt about Allen playing in the game. He did not practice all week, but it sounds like that was more of a precaution and time to give him rest more than anything. The Vikings have a short week, as they will be playing next Thursday night as well. It made sense to give him some time off. He noted that he is, "doing well. Coach (Leslie Frazier) does a good job and as I get older just gotta keep my old bones fresh."

Throughout the interview, Allen could be heard bragging about three of the biggest contributors on his Vikings team: Christian Ponder, Adrian Peterson and, of course, Percy Harvin.

I found what he said about Harvin to be quite interesting, as Allen noted that he is, "one of the MVP's of our team," and that, "he's definitely an MVP type of guy." Those are big words considering the caliber of players the NFL has to offer. To say that Harvin could beat out even the best of receivers such as Calvin Johnson, Andre Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald is a strong testament to how much he believes in his teammate.

Speaking of Fitzgerald, XTRA asked Allen what would happen if Fitz attempted to block him on Sunday. The response was actually quite funny, as the two of them are good friends.

"Fitz knows better. He's not going to come down and get dirty in the pits down there. (Laughing) Second of all he's going to get his block knocked off. I can't hit him too hard because I still have to see him all the time in the offseason, have him come to my charity stuff. Fitz is one of my best buds and I love playing against him. He's always trying to get my jersey after the game so I have to work that out with my equipment guy."

We will see if Fitz possibly targets Allen for one play just to see if he can stop him. That would be fun to see.

As for Allen, he didn't speak much about himself, but we know he will be bringing the heat against the Cardinals' shaky offensive line on Sunday. His pass rushing skills are second to none and the Cardinals will undoubtedly have their hands full trying to stop him.

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