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Is the Arizona Cardinals' season over? Not yet

So many things have not fallen our way the last few weeks. It appears like our hot start was all for not.

Hannah Foslien

We now stand at 4-3... At one point this season we were 4-0. We've dropped three straight games to the Rams, Bills, and Vikings. All but one of those teams with losing records.

The O-line has looked atrocious. Receivers have dropped balls in key situations, Quarterbacks with ill advised throws. Plenty of blame to go around, but the brunt of it falls on the Offense. I mean look at these stats 356 yards compared to 209, 230 compared to 43... You'd guess the larger number are that of the winning team right? Nope. The Defense has held their end of the bargain this season, it's time for the Offense to step it up.

That starts with the O-Line. For the 4th straight game, our O-Line has allowed 5+ sacks. They've definitely stepped it up in their run protection opening holes for runningbacks to break into the second level, but their pass protection is absolutely terrible, for lack of a better word. What the team can do is sign Chris Williams to play LT and search for a RG. Reggie Wells, Jack Scott anyone at RG would be better than our current situation. I mean comon, the Bengals and Rams are playing with a lot of no names on their O-line and they're playing well. Why can't our unit show that same toughness?

Next is QB play. Neither is perfect, but Kolb is our best option. Skelton is a risk taker he'll throw it deep to mix things up, something Kolb won't do. But Kolb gives us the best chance to win. He won't take risks, hence two INT's in 5 games. A lot of people bash his deep throw but he's put it on display a few times throughout his career and it's worked well. I'm not bashing Skelton, I'll rally behind whomever our Quarterback may be, but Kolb is my guy.

Receivers... Doucet in particular. Maybe it's the adjustment to a new coach but even that shouldn't effect your catching abilities. Maybe it's time to put in Floyd, he seems ready enough, and with the way he's playing, maybe it's time for Byrd. The Bengals upgraded Sanu from their PS after all the noise he made in the Preseason and it's paying dividends. What have we done with Byrd? Let him ride the bench.

There's still time to salvage the season. But it will take the FO and Coaches to get their heads out of where the sun doesn't shine, and make the right call with this O-line. As soon as that's fixed we can attempt to fix our receiver issues, and work with Skelton.

*Chris Williams signed with the Rams, thus eliminating him from being signed. However... Ojinnaka could possibly be a nice fit*