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Week 7: Arizona Cardinals vs Minnesota Vikings Play of the game poll

Week 7 Arizona Cardinals play of the game.

Sam Acho makes a play
Sam Acho makes a play
Adam Bettcher

The strength of this team lies in Ray Horton’s defense. In Week 7 they only surrendered 14 points (one through the air and one on the ground), 58 yards passing, and , 163 yards on the ground. This defense is championship caliber and has proven that claim through keeping the Cardinals stumbling offense in games until the very end. You cannot ask for more out of a team in its second year in a new defensive scheme.

The offense featured a running back from the 2009 draft class who rushed for 104 yards on 20 carries with a 5.2 yard average and one rushing touchdown, and caught four passes for 45 yards. While you’d expect it to be first round draft pick Beanie Wells, it was the 5’ 7” little giant LaRod Stephens-Howling.

Our play of the game candidates are:

1) Paris Lenon interception.

2) Daryl Washington sack(s).

3) Sam Acho interception.

4) John Skelton passing touchdown to Andre Roberts.

5) LaRod Stephens-Howling rushing touchdown.

My selection as play of the game is Sam Acho’s interception to close out the first half. Acho showed reception skills that are uncharacteristic of a big linebacker. If some of our receivers put as much effort into making catches the numbers would be different in the Win/Loss column.

What was your play of the game?