Let us not forget reality and who the Owner's are

Seems some rational perspective is in order here,on this (fan) driven site. We are just fans. And as such? We all have our unique fandom experiences. Some of us more rational,others more emotional and so on and so forth. What is the one thing all fans of any team want? SUCCESS!! And we as fans think we know sometimes, what would be the best option to move the team in that direction.

Lest we forget though. Just a reminder to the masses. The Bidwill's own the Arizona Cardinals! So they have the most accountability as regards team success. It always amazes me that the Owners get free passes. While every one on the team is subjected to being criticized,praised,hired,fired all based on (performance)!! The Owner of the team? Well,that's a different story.

Here is the reality of this ownership! Since moving their Team to the Valley? Doing some math the best I could. As of the beginning of this year,the record? 145 wins/ 239 losses! That's 94 more losses than wins! That's almost 6 seasons worth of losses! What does that have to do with the present? A lot! 24 years and a whole lot of losing. The record would suggest new ownership is needed. Of course,we know that's impossible. The Owner is not held to the same standard as every one else. Or is he?

Which brings me to the present. With the new salary cap these horrible losing teams might be a thing of the past. Parody is the order of the day. How much of that losing was attributed to an uneven financial playing field? Certainly it played a role. Also the revenue sharing and limits on spending make for (no excuses) from the Owners. So now having competent Coaching and Personnel is becoming all the more critical! Since Talent will be spread evenly? Advantages gained,will come from within.

It's hard to change the (culture) of any Franchise! Especially one like the Cardinals, with a deeply entrenched losing culture. Winners don't want to be associated with losers. And fans get sick of having a loser team forced down their throat. Which has been the case here in the Valley for the most part. So while I am rooting for success. I do not forget for a moment who owns this team.

And this is the dilemma of a Cardinal's fan. We really hate the leadership of this Organization! Yet we love the team. And why wouldn't we? 24 years of being subjected to abject losing will do that. So now we teeter oh so closely to the abyss. We had a taste of the good life. It was fun and exhilarated us. But we know in the end who runs this team. Yeah, that's right. Our loser owner's who deserve to be fired, but get to keep their jobs. Maddening,isn't it? These people are hypocrites and we know it.

Seems there are no excuses for any body else. But the owner's get to make their own rules. This is and always will be the crappiest part of the NFL. Unless you have Leadership that values it's fans and winning. Here's hoping against hope that we are not in for another 24 years of the same!

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