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NFL Power rankings, Week 8: Arizona Cardinals in the middle of the pack

Three straight losses has people rethinking how good the Cardinals are.

Everywhere there are NFL rankings because people like to read about them. This week, with another loss, naturally we find our Arizona Cardinals falling down the ranks, and naturally so, even though they are still one of only 11 teams with four wins.

Here on our own rankings, the Cards are nestled nicely in the middle at number 15, and the reason is the defense.

Cody Ulm for SB Nation Arizona dropped Arizona six spots to 18, noting that the team is definitely the worst of the four-win teams.

CBS Sports dropped the Cardinals six spots to No. 18 and pointed out that they have a chance to right the ship against the 49ers.

SB Nation dropped the Cardinals one spot to No. 16 and referenced poor offensive play as a major culprit for the Cardinals' recent swoon. They also predicted an 0-4 slide coming from a loss to the Niners on Monday. However, the Cards did not even warrant a mention in the power rankings.

ESPN dropped the Cardinals three spots to No. 14 and pointed out an interesting stat: the Cardinals have held opponents below nine completions in two of their last three games but both games were losses.