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Revenge of the Birds hangs out with Niners Nation

We got a first here at Revenge of the Birds. David Fucillo, head writer at Niners Nation, contacted us earlier this week and proposed something that we haven't done at Revenge of the Birds yet, a video conference on Google + between himself and a representative from Revenge of the Birds. It seemed like a great idea so I volunteered, we worked out the details, and now we're bringing it to you live!

We'll be discussing the upcoming Monday night divisional matchup between heated rivals Arizona and San Francisco. Key matchups, offense vs defense, talk about who might be missing due to injury, and predictions for the game. If this works out well, it might become a weekly post at Revenge of the Birds. Let us know what you think in the comments, and maybe some suggestions for future hangouts. If this works well, we might also do a Revenge of the Birds staff Google+ hangout as well.