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NFL expert picks: our staff has a good week

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Take a look at how we did and who we pick this week.

Hannah Foslien

Week 7 was an easier week to make picks. Only one staff writer was below .500 and there were three and 11-2. There was even khodder at 12-1.

Take a look at our picks for this week. How will we do?

Jess Root: 68-36 (11-2): Vikings, Bears, Chargers, Lions, Packers, Jets, Eagles, Steelers, Pats, Titans, Chiefs, Cowboys, Saints, Cards

Alex Mann: 49-39 (6-7) Minnesota, Chicago, Cleveland, Seattle, Green Bay, Miami, Atlanta, Pittsburgh, New England, Tennessee, Oakland, New York Giants, Denver, San Francisco

Jesse Reynolds: 33-24 (7-6) Vikings, Chargers, Bears, Seahawks, Packers, Titans, Jets, Rams, Steelers, Eagles, Chiefs, Cowboys, Broncos, Cardinals

cdeveau: 38-23

Tyler Nickel: 55-33 (11-2) Vikings, Bears, Chargers, Falcons, Jets, Seahawks, Packers, Patriots, Steelers, Titans, Chiefs, Giants, Broncos, 49ers

Skii: 56-32 (11-2) Minnesota, Pittsburgh, Detroit, Chicago, Atlanta, New England, Tennessee, San Diego, New York, Jets, Green Bay, Kansas City, New York Giants, New Orleans, Arizona

GreaZzy: 54-34 (9-4) Tampa Bay, Chicago, San Diego, Seattle, Green Bay, Miami, Philadelphia, Washington, New England, Indianapolis, Kansas City, New York Giants, Denver, Arizona

khodder: 42-14 (12-1)

Randy Fields: 53-25 (9-4): Bucs, Jets, Browns, Colts, Patriots, Packers, Falcons, Redskins, Seahawks, Bears, Raiders, Giants, Broncos, Cardinals