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D'Anthony Batiste, Bobby Massie worse than most full teams in the NFL

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Coming from a stat from Pro Football Focus, Arizona Cardinals tackles D'Anthony Batiste and Bobby Massie are not only the worst two tackles in the league, but they make up for a full offensive line of deficiencies.


While the game against Minnesota was perhaps not as bad for the offensive line as it was for them against the Dolphins or some of their other past opponents, it still wasn't great. The offensive line allowed seven sacks, but not all of them should be attributed to that unit. John Skelton was seen holding on to the ball far too long at times, which probably drew at least 2 or 3 of the 7 sacks.

Still, the Cardinals could use some help along their line. The interior has played decently, with the exception of Adam Snyder. But then you have the offensive tackles, who have been downright awful. I tend to give you a weekly update on how they have regressed and this week will be no different. In fact, take a look at this stat from Eric Branch of the San Francisco Chronicle:


The two tackles alone have allowed more sacks than all but two teams in the NFL. However, I looked up the stats on and it appears that only the Green Bay Packers as an entire team have given up more quarterback sacks than the Cardinals' tandem. Either way, it's not good.

It makes sense that Branch would tweet this too, as the team he covers will be facing off against the Cards on Monday night. The 49ers feature one of the best pass rushing groups in the league with Aldon Smith, Justin Smith and Ray McDonald.

If the Cardinals' o-line doesn't step up more in their pass protection schemes this week, not only will they be facing a .500 record after starting 4-0, but Ryan Lindley might be leading them to it.

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