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Larry Fitzgerald shaves Kevin Love's head for charity

While Fitz was back in his hometown in Minnesota to take on the Vikings, he made a quick stop at the barber shop to shave Minnesota Wolves Kevin Love's head.

Jesse Johnson-US PRESSWIRE

Larry Fitzgerald has always been a huge advocate for finding a cure for breast cancer. He lost his mom to the horrible tragedy almost ten years ago and knows the damage that this horrible disease can do not only to the life of the person afflicted, but to the lives of their loved ones.

That is why Larry, in the month of October, is donating $1,000 for each catch he makes in a game and $5,000 for each touchdown. He also regularly posts things on Twitter, such as asking for followers. With each follower, he will donate .25 cents to the breast cancer cause.

He's not the only one that is passionate at ridding of breast cancer, either. Minnesota Wolves basketball player Kevin Love may have broken his hand in practice recently, but that isn't going to stop him from doing everything he can to support breast cancer awareness. That is why he and Fitz teamed up to donate .25 cents for each retweet of the video they recently made. Enjoy.

There is nothing that isn't great about this video. We get to see a couple of classy superstar athletes, Kevin Love with a grandpa haircut and a bald head and we get to have them donate as much money as they can to the breast cancer cause. So, please, go to YouTube and tweet this video out to all of your followers. The mothers, sisters, aunts, grandmothers and all of the women in this world would greatly appreciate it.

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