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The Arizona Cardinals and the rest of the NFL Week 7 in GIFs

Hannah Foslien

Who doesn't like animated GIFs? Well, here are some of the last week in the NFL. First we look at the Cardinals/Vikings game.

Is Adrian Peterson back? Judge yourself in these two runs.



This is the pick that John Skelton inexplicably threw. For the life of me I can't even begin to understand what he was looking at.


Now for the rest of the league.

Who doesn't like Gangnum Style? It apparently has hit the NFL.



You can always count on Carson Palmer for something good. This was an attempt to flip the ball backwards to a back. It turned into an interception.


It's always fun to lose the ball on throws like this.


And lastly, it wouldn't be right to not include Ndamukong Suh's destruction of Jay Cutler.


There you have it. Which is your favorite?

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