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2012 Fantasy Football: Look to start Bush, sit Stafford in Week 8

Do you need help setting your fantasy Football Lineup? You're in luck as I am your Fantasy Guru.

Alex Trautwig

Start 'Em:

Ben Roethlisberger: He is going up against a Washington secondary that is worst in the league, giving up an average of 328 passing yards per game, to go along with 16 TD's surrendered while picking off opposing quarterbacks 10 times. Look for him to be able to get the ball over the top to Mike Wallace fairly rarely, as long as Wallace manages to haul it in. The Skins also have allowed quarterbacks to post 92.1 quarterback ratings.

Christian Ponder: While being held to under 50 yards last week, he now goes against a Tampa Bay team that gives up 323 passing yards on average. They may have to lean on him more, as the Bucs defense gives up an average of 76 yards per game on the ground. If you have AP too, he's still a safe bet to have a monster day.

Reggie Bush: The Jets defense hasn't been very good thus far this year. Their run defense is horrid ranking 30th in the league giving up 148 yards on average per game. Look for Bush to light it up this weekend.

Santana Moss: With Garcon out, Moss is now RGIII's favorite target. He's on Waiver Wires in many leagues, so scoop him up if you get the chance.

Start of the Week (IDP & Non-IDP)

IDP- Daryl Washington: The leader in sacks for all inside linebackers with 7, he is also in the top 5 for ILB's in the league. Look for him to record 14+ tackles and possibly 2+ sacks against Frank Gore and the 49ers.

Non-IDP- Atlanta Falcons: This defense is available in 49% of the leagues on It's no surprise either because they're undefeated based solely on their offensive production. They're going up against their former first overall pick in Mike Vick who just so happens to be fumble and turnover prone, so pick them up ASAP.

Sit 'Em:

Alex Smith: Don't know why you would have him on your fantasy team anyway, but he is going up a Cardinals team who have more picks than TD's and are only surrendering 191 passing yards per game.

Brady Quinn: Even if all your QB's are on a bye week and Quinn is the only starting QB out there... Don't grab him. Your better off without him. Although, Ryan Tannehill is available in many leagues, so you have a shot for him.

Matthew Stafford: He's playing a tough Seattle team in Detroit, but Seattle travels just about as well as the Patriots or Ravens, so Stafford is a must sit.

Sit of the Week

IDP- Chris Long: He's playing a very tough Patriots team, and Brady refuses to be sacked so he'll scramble or throw it away. Also, Long has only 9 tackles, even though 4 are for sacks.

Non-IDP- San Diego Chargers/ Washington Redskins: I couldn't select one so I chose both. First there was letting a winless team beat you, and then the meltdown againstPeyton Manning and the Broncos. As for the Skins, (see Ben Roethlisberger)

Watch 'Em:

RGIII: This won't happen weekly, or ever rarely, but with the Defense probably struggling against the Steelers Offense, he may have to play from behind much of the game, thus causing him to make mistakes. Start him, but make sure you have a QB who can put up nearly as many fantasy points as he.

Brandon Weeden: This is a good Watch 'Em. He's owned in 4% of fantasy leagues, and I even have him right now. He has more points than Andrew Luck, but that is because he has a bigger arm, and a speedster in Josh Gordon. Grab him if you can and I would say start him.