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Cardinals Vs. 49ers preview: What is different in 2012 for San Francisco?

Niners Nation's David Fucillo tells us about the 2012 season

Stephen Dunn

As we like to do with our sister blogs, I asked David Fucillo, who runs Niners Nation, a few questions about his team, as they are coming to town to play the Arizona Cardinals. A season removed from a 13-3 year in which they came within a game of the Super Bowl, they are now 5-2.

What is different?

Said Fooch:

"The biggest difference has been the play of the offensive line. While there are statistical differences in other areas, the real key thus far has been offensive line play. The 49ers have the top rushing attack in the NFL, averaging 5.9 yards per carry, and while Frank Gore remains a strong running back, he is benefiting from a dominant offensive line. The same holds true when the 49ers passing game is on. When Alex Smith has time in the pocket, good things can happen. The only change was moving backup offensive lineman Alex Boone to right guard. The move shored up a shaky guard position, while also providing a measure of stability for right tackle Anthony Davis, who is having the best season of his young career."

A good offensive line. Imagine how that would be for the Cardinals. Heck, even an average line would put the Cards among the best teams in football.

Also, 5.9 yards per carry? Wouldn't that be great to have? Can they keep that up against the Cards? We will see on Monday night.