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Arizona Cardinals lose 4th straight, falling 24-3 to San Francisco 49ers

In a game that was highly touted amongst both teams Cards struggled early and never found a groove.

Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

How many of you stayed past the 3rd quarter? How many let alone stayed past the 1st half? If you did I admire your will and determination. I can honestly say I am sickened in the performance from our team. Want the stat line? Sure.

The Cardinals held the ball 28 minutes in the game. The Niners ran 49 total plays compared to our 61, and put up 24 points, two TD's to Crabtree, 1 TD to Randy Moss, and a Field Goal by David Akers. We had 7 yards on 9 rushes for a 0.8 yard per carry rate.

John Skelton threw for 290 yards, and an INT. Those 290 yards were bases solely on the fact that he threw the ball 52 times, completing 32 of those throws. We made Alex Smith look amazing out there, as he threw 18/19 passes and 3 TD's. We converted less than one percent of our Third Down attempts.

The defense had one of their worst outings since finally making their turnaround last season.

Now I don't know about you guys but I am tired of our coaching staff. Grimm has failed to produce quality players, even if he does not have high round selections. Miller is... well atrocious, and needs to be left behind in favor of a better option. Things are done for unless we get our heads out of our... and make choices in the FO that will benefit our team. Jake Long has been speculation for the Cardinals but nothing has yet to come to fruition.