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Media continues to rate Cardinals low in week 5 power rankings

NFL power rankings for week 5 have been released and only one outlet has the Cardinals as a top 3 team.

Christian Petersen - Getty Images

Another week means another set of power rankings from around the web. And as per the usual, the Cardinals are being consistently underrated by media outlets from around the company. In fact, only one has the Cards as a top three team.

Our own SB Nation has the Cardinals coming in at sixth. Here is what they said:

6. Arizona Cardinals (LW: 9, 4-0): They keep winning but not of the Texans' blowout variety. You can see the flaws -- the lack of a run game and the leakiness along the offensive line (Cameron Wake anyone?). But they're going to remain up here until they start losing games.

The Associated Press did their power rankings and seem to mostly concur with SB Nation, placing the Cardinals at number five for their narrow victory over the Dolphins.

ESPN didn't move the Cardinals up any spots, as they remain at number five. Here was the comments associated with them from NFC West blogger Mike Sando:

They're the first NFL team since the 1941 Giants to go 4-0 without reaching 300 net yards in any game. (Sando)

The only place that gave the Cardinals considerable consideration was Pete Prisco from CBS Sports. He put Arizona in third, trailing only the Falcons and the Texans. Prisco did seem a bit hesitant as well, though:

At 4-0, do we still know if they are any good? They do have some late-game magic.

If it were my choice, the Cardinals would be at number three. Their offense is not as dynamic as Atlanta's or Houston's, but their defense seems to make up for that.

What do you think of these rankings? Where would you put the Cardinals? Tell us in the comments section.

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