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10/3 Arizona Cardinals news: heartfelt stories, comeback, and losing the brace

A collection of news from around the Web about our Cardinals and the NFL in general.

Christian Petersen - Getty Images

Arizona Cardinals News:

Fitzgerald breast cancer awareness - NFL Videos
Take a glimpse into the emotional story of Arizona Cardinals WR Larry Fitzgerald and his amazing contribution with breast cancer awareness. An extremely heart felt story.

Toler No Longer Braces For Return
It was noticeable when he ran onto the field at University of Phoenix Stadium for the first of his 44 defensive plays against the Miami Dolphins. Toler wasn’t wearing his knee brace.

Detailing Kevin Kolb's Comeback
Red-zone work was the focus, as it typically is with every Friday practice, and unbeknownst to quarterback Kevin Kolb, the Cardinals were working on the play that ultimately saved their game Sunday – a double-move route that took receiver Andre Roberts to the front left part of the end zone.

Word From the Birds Blog | Fisher helps Rams — and keeps Horton here
The Rams, whom the Cardinals face Thursday night, are already improved under new coach Jeff Fisher. That was probably inevitable. Fisher came into St. Louis liking the owner and liking the fact the team already had a franchise quarterback in Sam Bradford. The rest, he could make work, and he has his team at 2-2 — already equaling or surpassing the team’s win total in three of the previous four seasons, including last year’s 2-14 record.

Word From the Birds Blog | Hitting the ground (in St. Louis) running
The Cardinals aren’t running the ball as well as they would like. That’s not a mystery. "It’s disappointing we’re not running the ball better," coach Ken Whisenhunt said, "but that’s something that we can work on. Hopefully we can get better at it."

NFL News:

Cowboys' Jerry Jones not worried about Tony Romo -
Jerry Jones has plenty of reasons to be disappointed in the Dallas Cowboys, but he made it clear Tuesday that quarterback Tony Romo is the least of his concerns at this point in time.

Mike Tomlin wanted Steelers to sign Michael Vick -
What might this Sunday's Philadelphia Eagles-Pittsburgh Steelers matchup look like if Mike Tomlin got his way back in 2009? Michael Vick would be playing somewhere else.

Carlos Rogers says New York Jets' defense quit -
Carlos Rogers says the San Francisco 49ers talked on the sideline about how the New York Jets' defense had lost its fight. Is the Jets' season unraveling, or is Rogers guilty of a cheap shot?

Jay Cutler of Bears more than just a great villain -
You might not like Jay Cutler, but you'll never call him boring. The Chicago Bears' quarterback brought his reality villain act to prime time Monday, giving us a show on the sideline ... and in the field.