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NFL Power Rankings: That sinking feeling

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Sitting at .500 never felt so awful. But alas, the show must go on, and the power rankings will be created and published. Overall, not a strong week for the NFC West, as the Niners were the only winner. Atlanta stays undefeated as well, will they remain that way going into the Week 11, when they face off against the Cards?

Pictured: Cardinal's fans current emotional state, personified
Pictured: Cardinal's fans current emotional state, personified
Ralph Freso

1. Atlanta Falcons - Cards will have an entire bye week to prepare for their game against the Falcons, which just give Mike Miller an extra week to come up with a dumb gameplan.

2. Houston Texans - It looks like years of being mid-numbingly average will come to an end. Also, Arian Foster is pretty cool on twitter.

3. San Francisco 49ers - Well, there likely goes any chances that the Cards had at winning the NFC West. Wildcard anybody?

4. Denver Broncos - Pains me to say it, but Manning made a smart choice going to Denver. Both teams have good pieces, Denver has some on the OL though.

5. New England Patriots - Long gone are the days of a Cardinal upset at home, Brady and the Pats looked bloody good in jolly ol' England.

6. New York Giants - They almost screwed the pooch, but thanks to Dez's hands, the G-men got the victory.

7. Chicago Bears - The Bears have a bad OL, and yet they're still good. Having a good QB does help.

8. Green Bay Packers - The nightmare might just continue past Halloween and into November for the Cardinals. Rodgers and company could put the spook on the Cards.

9. Baltimore Ravens - Bye week. Joe Flacco had tons of time to work on his Ernie for Sesame Street costume.

10. Miami Dolphins - Tannehill looks like he'll be back next week for the Phins, who woulda thought that losing Tannehill for an extended period would hinder the Dolphins playoffs chances?

11. Minnesota Vikings - Had a let down on national television (something Cards fans know all to well) but AP+their defense= likely wildcard spot.

12. Pittsburgh Steelers - And the award for worst halloween costumes go to...

13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Proudly on the Bucs bandwagon. This is a team that could make some noise.

14. Seattle Seahawks - Tick, tock, tick, tock. Looks like its almost Flynn time.

15. Indianapolis Colts - Its hard to hate the Colts, but jeez. They get to go from Manning to Luck? And we went from Warner to...

16. Dallas Cowboys - Even when Dez catches the ball, his hands still manage to screw over the Cowboys! Impressive to comeback, and if Dez just let's his ass hit the ground, the Cowboys win.

17. Washington Redskins - Redskins are trying their hardest to keep RG3 safe, so what do they do? Throw a pass to him as a receiver and he gets decked by Steeler's safety Ryan Clark. #smrtfootball

18. Buffalo Bills - Just give CJ Spiller the darn ball. Buffalo works against what they are successful at #smrtfootball

19. Tennessee Titans - CJ401K is starting to look like his old self. Could be a godsend for Tennessee's season.

20. Arizona Cardinals - I don't want to talk about it. Bad performance in all facets. Changes need to be made, but will they?

21. Detroit Lions - They did the Cards a big favor by squeaking out with a win against the Seahawks. Too bad we wasted it.

22. Cincinnati Bengals - I'm convinced that A.J. Green dressed up as Micheal Crabtree on monday night, and played in his place.

23. St. Louis Rams - Did the London Silly Nannies play the game for the Rams?

24. Philadelphia Eagles - Hey UoA fans, Nick Foles might be getting the start next week for the Eagles. Probably be more interesting than the Cards against the Packers.

25. Oakland Raiders - Sure, they looked impressive, but c'mon, it was the Chiefs. I'm convinced that the Toronto Argonauts would look good against KC, and they're just average for the CFL.

26. San Diego Chargers - I feel really sorry for those who play fantasy football and used the same strategy as I did in drafting Phillip Rivers, Antonio Gates and Ryan Matthews.

27. New Orleans Saints - Well I'm sure that before the season started, the Monday night Saints vs Eagles matchup looked like a marquee game. How quickly things change.

28. Cleveland Browns - Old man Weeden is turning off his lights and not answering the door on Halloween. "Get off my lawn, you darn kids!"

29. New York Jets - Obligatory Tebow comments: Why don't they try him? Not like Sanchize is lighting the world on fire.

30. Carolina Panthers - Stop comparing Cam Newton to RG3. It'll just make Cam more depressed that he's not as good. But seriously, stop comparing them.

31. Jacksonville Jaguars - Who woulda thought that a 9 point loss would be an impressive showing for the Jaguars? Kept it close with Green Bay for almost the entire game.

32. Kansas City Chiefs - Poor Kansas City. They don't even get to see Brady Quinn for a whole game. #WordsINeverThoughtI'dSay