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Halfway Grades and Awards

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8 weeks into the season, so it's time to grade the players and hand out the Awards for Offense and Defense.

Norm Hall

We started off hot... And ended up at 4-4. It's no surprise given the O-Line struggles, but it has been embarrassing to say the least. So if the season ended today... These are the players that would receive awards, and of course my Grades for each Position.


Quarterbacks: D-
With Kolb going down while he was sitting pretty with a B- the Quarterback position has failed us yet again in the last three years. Skelton has regressed and hasn't shown his magic from last year.

Runningback: F
I give them a solid 'F' because Howling ran for 100 yards and has been our most productive back when given opportunities to produce. A sold F though is a bit of a reach as they should have an F-. (Yes I know there is no such thing as an F- minus)

Wide-Receivers: C+
Fitzgerald and Roberts have been stars this season. Even though the opposition has really shut down Fitzgerald recently, Roberts still has produced... Least when he's given the ball without having to leap for it.

I won't give them a Grade because we don't HAVE AN O-LINE.

D-Line: B-
Yes they have struggled against the rush, but I have been happy with Dan Williams, Dockett, and Campbell thus far. Until I see something that forces me to regret this decision they will remain a B-.

LB's: A-
Yup. Washington is a beast, (some people disagree awkwardly enough), Lenon is showing his age now, Acho is growing quickly, and Scho is showing lots of promise.

DB's: D+
Peterson finally struggled, Gay struggled again, Flemming had his issues. Wilson remains one of the best in the business, and it was nice to see Rhodes back there. They went from a C+ to a D- just by the shear fact they made Smith look like god.

OPOY: Kevin Kolb... Now hear me out. He helped us go 4-0. He stood in the pocket and took beating after beating after beating. He had one bad game really, and he managed to keep the Defense off the field long enough they could catch a breather to keep us in the game.

DPOY: D-Wash... 7 sacks by an ILB is amazing. Three sacks away from the Arizona Cardinals single season record already. He's a talented specimen and will continue to get better.

OROY: Tough one... Massie has struggled... Floyd hasn't surprised me... So... I'll go with Massie based on the fact that he was thrown into the fire and he is going through his rookie pains. It took some time for Peterson to be decent last year, so lets give Massie a couple of weeks before we call for his head.

DROY: Jamell Flemming... Base solely on the fact that he's really the only one playing.