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Cardinals vs. 49ers: Who was the player of the game?

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While the Cardinals do not deserve a game ball, we still have to consider giving one out for a few players.

Ralph Freso

In one of the ugliest losses on the season, there were still a few players that managed to shine for the Arizona Cardinals. Hint: none of them come from the offensive line. But that doesn't mean that we can't talk about their counterparts on the defensive side of the ball.

Here are your nominations for player of the game.

Daryl Washington

Washington continued his monster of a season last night against the 49ers. He registered 2 sacks, 6 tackles, 2 tackles for loss and 2 quarterback hits. He was an animal both against the run and the pass. If he does not make the Pro Bowl this season, I am going to cry foul.

Darnell Dockett

Dockett quite possibly had an even bigger game than Washington, despite the stats page not showing it. In fact, one of Washington's sacks came as a result of Dockett pressuring Alex Smith from his right side, causing him to strafe to his left and into the arms of D-Wash. Dockett also registered a sack, 4 tackles and a tackle for loss. He consistently beat double teams from an impressive 49ers offensive line, pressuring Smith to make quick decisions all night long. Great night from 9-0.

Calais Campbell

On the other side of Dockett was Calais Campbell. The two of them form one of the most feared defensive end combos in all of football. Campbell had a sack as well and a couple tackles for loss. What is most impressive about both of them is how well they play against the run. Campbell's long arms and big body allow him to penetrate the offensive line and wrap up opposing backs with ease. He is becoming a superstar player in this league and should make the Pro Bowl as well.

Andre Roberts

The offense had an awful game, scoring no touchdowns, but don't blame Mr. Roberts. He has found a way to be a successful receiver for the Cardinals, holding off first round talent Michael Floyd from taking his spot. He is always open and with his speed, he can get tons of yards after the catch. He is becoming a true #2 receiver for Larry Fitzgerald, which is promising to see. It seems like a past lifetime in which he was struggling in his rookie season and everyone was worried about him.

Dave Zastudil

Another solid night for the punter, kicking the ball 7 times for an average of 47.3 yards and a long of 54. He managed to down it inside the 20 once, too. He has become a weapon for the Cards, even if people like me said the team should look for a younger option. I'm glad they didn't listen this time.

Who do you think was the player of the game for the Cardinals? There aren't a ton of options to choose from, as the team played pretty poorly for the most part. Vote in the poll and leave your comments below.

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