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Arizona Cardinals vs San Francisco 49ers: Cardinals Bonehead Play Of The Game

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The Cardinals nearly surrendered on national television to their division rival, and did so by almost letting Alex Smith throw for a perfect game. There's plenty of bonehead plays this week.

Matt Kartozian-US PRESSWIRE

In an embarrassing loss to the 49ers the Cardinals continue to add fuel to the skeptic's fire who claimed the Cardinals 4-0 start to the year was a fluke. After dropping four games in a row, the last in a tragic nationally televised defeat, the Cardinals should preparing for drastic changes to rescue the season. While the line of thinking is that the Cardinals are "only 4-4" the reality is that those last four have been tragic losses in which the Cardinals have lost their only quarterback that seems to be able to throw touchdown passes, have given up the leagues highest amount of sacks, and have given up a record setting game to Alex Smith who will now forever be in the record books for being one pass away from a perfect game.

The bonehead plays from this week started on the second play of the Cardinals first possession and continued until the final play of the game.

The LSH inside hand off to try to run between the right guard and right tackle on the 2nd play of the game (1st & 10) showed that Mike Miller and company refused to learn from their success of running the ball outside. To back up my claim, they tried to run right up the middle on the next play after they saw the offensive line was able to create no holes.

Patrick Peterson is an incredible player, but his talking cost the team a touchdown. He was trying to coordinate with the team and move people around but ended up getting caught on his heels and letting Crabtree just walk in for a TD.

John Skelton does not read coverage or go through progressions he now hikes the ball, stares down his intended target and throws it in the general vicinity. Many of his passes were too high or behind his targets. A few were yards behind his target. The offensive line did him few favors giving up back to back sacks in the 4th quarter giving up 16 yards and killing a drive at the beginning of the 4th quarter.

There are many more, but let's hear from the community. What were your bonehead plays?