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Marcus Fitzgerald, brother of Larry, feels his superstar kin deserves a better team

Marcus Fitzgerald took to Twitter after the Cardinals' embarrassing loss to the 49ers to voice his displeasure with how the team is using his brother, Larry Fitzgerald.

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While the loss to the 49ers was an embarrassing defeat, the season is not quite over yet. The team still stands at .500 and can easily go on a big run as they did last season, ending 7-2. That would probably put them in the playoffs if they did that again.

But some are growing patient and sick of waiting. One of those people is Marcus Fitzgerald, the brother to All-Pro Cardinals receiver, Larry Fitzgerald. Marcus is tired of the Cardinals misusing their franchise player and would like to see him with a more successful team. Translation: he wants his brother to be traded. Here is what he had to say on Twitter on Monday night.

Does his argument hold any value? Obviously, these are the complaints of a frustrated fan of his brother, so he is going to be biased either way. Larry does not see the ball as much as he probably should, we know that. But if he is traded, where would that leave the Cardinals? They would have no star player to call their own, which every team seems to have in the NFL these days.

And truthfully, the Cardinals have done just as much for Larry as he has for them. They have paid him handsomely for his contributions both on and off the field. His teammates love him and he is a huge part of this community.

Trading Fitz at this juncture would be a mistake. He should retire a Cardinal. He is still of the age where he is of his prime and this team is a couple of offensive linemen and possibly a quarterback away from doing some serious damage in the NFC. Fitzgerald does not have that "Steve Nash" feeling around him, where many felt the former Valley star should have been traded as well.

The Cardinals are not in a rebuilding stage and do not need to trade away Fitz. Has Marcus forgotten so quickly of the 2008 Super Bowl run and what having a good quarterback can do for your team? Who is to say that is so far out of reach?

Sorry, Marcus, but I can't agree with your opinion. It just doesn't hold enough water in my eyes. But if the Cardinals continue to lose, I am sure more than a handful of people will jump on the same bandwagon.

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