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Cardinals Vs. 49ers snapcounts: Dan Williams plays more

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A look at who played and who didn't against the 49ers.

Ralph Freso

Against the San Francisco 49ers, there were some things that did not change with regards to playing time and a couple of things that were different. On offense, the offensive line and John Skelton played every snap. Larry Fitzgerald only missed one play -- the play he had to come off the field for a play after he had his helmet driven into the ground.

Looking at the running back playing time, LaRod Stephens-Howling was in the game for 29 of the 68 offensive snaps. William Powell did not play on offense and Alfonso Smith was in on one play. Fullback Anthony Sherman played in 27 snaps and Reagan Maui'a only six.

The receivers went like this. Of the 68 plays, Fitz was in on 67 of them, Andre Roberts played 65, Early Doucet played 46 (at least one play was lined up in the backfield) and Michael Floyd 43.

Tight end Rob Housler played 37 snaps and Jeff King 18.

Patrick Peterson played one snap offensively.

On defense, the ironmen were Peterson, Adrian Wilson, Kerry Rhodes, Paris Lenon and Darnell Dockett. They played all 54 defensive snaps. The interesting bit about that? Aside from Peterson, these players are the oldest players that start. Granted, at only 54 snaps, the weren't on the field for a huge number of plays.

Linebacker Daryl Washington sat out only two plays, Calais Campbell only three and O'Brien Schofield was off the field only five plays.

The on big change defensively was the amount of playing time that Dan Williams got. He played 39 snaps, but that was because the Cards played less nickel. they also went with four defensive linemen at parts during the game. Nick Eason played 15 snaps and Vonnie Holliday three.

Sam Acho was in for 42 plays, Reggie Walker in one play and Quentin Groves played 17 snaps.

Among the cornerbacks, William Gay played 44 snaps, Jamell Fleming 10 and Michael Adams one.

By those numbers, it appears that the Cardinals were in nickel only once. Peterson played every snap and the other three corners combined for 55 snaps, meaning they overlapped only one snap.