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ROTB Survivor: Everyone who picked moves on

If you haven't jumped in yet, you still can. Make your pick

Christian Petersen - Getty Images

In RotB survivor everyone won this week, unfortunately we still had two people drop out, forget and jailred350, both for failing to make a pick this week. Makes me wonder, how did forget get his handle anyway? Still left are az78true, KDean75, Sgt. Friday, StuckinColorado andtonyman121 all with 4 weeks won. PDXCardinals has 3 weeks won. Mane2310, RyanB17 and Skii have 2 weeks won and newcomerhear_seeker is in the game with 1 week under his belt.

az78true ARI HOU ATL CIN
StuckinColorado ARI SD DAL HOU
tonyman121 MIN CIN DAL BAL
mane2310 CHI ATL
hear_seeker ARI
ajotonelsona out
AlaskanCard out
Alex Mann out
Amethaul out
Arizona Retiree out
azcardswinez out
B0rd3rline out
billydacardsfan out
blank_38 out
CardinalBrown out
CardinalsKid out
CardsFan1976 out
Cardzfan out
Cmcnaz out
Crisco219 out
Cuckoo For Coco Puffs out
DaCards out
Dedalius001 out
Dem_Cardz out
donwhon121 out
Drullin'OverDaCards out
EnglishCard out
Eurocard out
Fansincejakenrob out
forget ARI HOU CHI out
Gamesguy1 out
Ghettoboxx out
Gildo out
GreaZzy out
gvalen2896 out
hadrarius out
hevchv out
iacardsfan out
Iowacardinalshawkeye out
J steezy out
jailred350 CHI out
jeff550 out
jess Root out
Jesse Reynolds out
KHoldStare88 out
kj197728 out
Manphibian out
mbtokyo out
MooseTheDog out
NativeWood out
Old "Bird" Dog out
patw out
Peter Jacob Hornig out
psknapp out
Pthesz out
Randy Fields out
Redking90 out
Rick Dixon out
robloosi out
ROTB_MattR out
Roy Green was here out
SenSurround out
SF3751Fan out
Shawnsass out
similyago out
SmartCard out
Steel34D out
Superfizzogotflow out
TBru out
Thomaldo out
toolman234 out
Tucson cards fan out
Turd_ferguson out
Tyler Nickel out
Tylerste85 out
Wyatt.morgan9 out

Pick'em Survival is relatively straightforward:

  • You pick ONE team to win each week. You don't pick every game, just one team that will win each week out of one game. If you pick a team and they fail to win, you are eliminated, with no chance to join again (it's a thrill-ride I know).
  • Another determining factor in the Survival Pick'em League is that you cannot select a single team more then once in the season. So save a "hot" team for a week of unfavourable match-ups. You are responsible to remember which teams you've used in previous weeks. I'll check your submissions leading up to game day and if I note you're using a team for a second time, I'll ask you to change. If you don't change or I don't notice until too late, your steak ends.
  • The winner of the league needs to have the longest stretch of games picked correctly. You can start your picks late, depending on a favorable match up that starts later, but be careful you don't start too late. You can also end your streak whenever you want but don't end it too early, or somebody could pass your stretch. So if Cuckoo for Coco Puffs picks week 1 through week 11 correct, then Cuckoo has lasted through 64% of the season. If CardsIrishdoesn't start till week 3, then picks through week 17 correct, he lasted 88% of the season and he would win. If we end up with a tie, the tie breaker is the lowest winning percentage of the teams used to survive. If it's still a tie, we'll get creative.
  • You cannot skip a week once you start the streak. You miss a week your streak is done.
  • Submission are simple: post your ONE team every week. You are responsible to remember which teams you've used in previous weeks. The only deadline is to submit your pick before that game's opening kick off time, so it's feasible to party hard all weekend and still use one of the MNF teams to keep the streak going..if either of those teams haven't already been used earlier in the season.