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ROTB Rountable: Talking Kevin Kolb, power rankings, Rams game

What did the writing staff have to say? Read on!

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The Arizona Cardinals are set to play the St. Louis Rams Thursday night on national television. At 4-0, they are surprising everyone, even the fans in Arizona. But there are still concerns, especially after a game in which they were that close to losing. Plus, this game has the look of a classic trap game -- short week, on the road, bad team that is getting better and a long streak the opponent is trying to snap.

Here are the questions of the week that discuss some of them. What did the writing staff have to say?

1) As of right now, how confident are you of Kevin Kolb at the QB position?

Tyler Nickel: Right now, my confidence in Kolb is at an all time high. He has had great awareness, pocket presence and outside of a couple of throws against Miami (which may have not been entirely his fault) he has been excellent at taking care of the ball. There is no chance the team goes back to Skelton with Kolb playing like this.

Randy Fields: I'm a believer. Two fourth quarter comebacks with the game on the line. Keeping his head after a frustrating day of being sacked 8 times. Playing with confidence and never giving up. That's a franchise QB right there.

Jesse Reynolds: Pretty confident actually, his play after turnovers really impressed me.

Jess Root: It isn't the confidence I would have were it 2008-09 with Kurt Warner, but if this is the Kevin Kolb we get for the whole season, I think the debate is over -- Kolb is the guy. Will he make a boneheaded decision now and again? Probably, but he is bouncing back. I've been waiting for this Kolb.

2) What will you be watching for against the Rams?

Tyler Nickel: I'll be watching a couple of different things. First, can the Cardinals get a ground game sparked against a poor run defending team? Ryan Williams needs to show up and Mike Miller needs to call him more plays. Also, how will the offensive line play in pass protection? The Rams have some very talented pass rushers in Chris Long, Robert Quinn, etc. The tackles need to play better. Lastly, does Sam Bradford show out the way Ryan Tannehill did? I still think Bradford can be an elite player in this league.

Jesse Reynolds: A run game to develop. No way do the Rams move the ball on us after last week.

Randy Fields: The running game to show up. I was hoping to see Powell and Williams as the tandem that we'd hoped we see from Wells and Williams. Also, I'd love to see more Housler.

Jess Root: Well, if I had to pick one thing it would be the continuation of the overall defensive play. That seems to trump everything else. However, considering the Rams' rush defense is not exactly stout, this would be the perfect week for a Ryan Williams coming out party.

3) If you were to do a power ranking of the NFL as of Week 4, where would you rank the Cardinals, and why?

Tyler Nickel: I would put the Cards at number 3 behind the Texans and Falcons. Sure, they stumbled a bit at home against an inferior Dolphins team, but a win is a win. People better start recognizing that these are not your same old Cards.

Randy Fields: Hahaha, well I might have offended some of our community but but I placed them at 7th due to their standings in offensive passing and rushing, and their defensive passing yards allowed and defensive yards allowed. Power rankings are subjective but I think they can be measured by more than just the teams record. Balance out record with offensive and defensive rankings, and points scored and points allowed. When you look at those combos you get a good picture of how the team is fairing in comparison to all 32 teams. A team that is giving up 8 sacks in a game and is ranked (Offensively 25th passing/ 29th rushing and Defensively 21st in Passing yards/15th in Rushing Yards) it's hard to justify a top five spot when you're in the bottom half of the league in three out of four stats and are 31st in total yards gained. The good news is the power of the defense with the key stat being that they've only allowed 61 points, which is third lowest in the league. They have incredible heart and are winning games, and that's all that really matters. #4-0!

Jesse Reynolds: I have us fourth behind Texans, Falcons, and 49ers. Yes I have them higher despite a loss but I think they are a very good team and will be a very difficult matchup for us.

Jess Root: There is no doubt that Houston and Atlanta are the top. After that, I say Baltimore, Arizona and San Fran could go in any order after that.


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