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Cardinals vs Rams: 5 Positives from the 17-3 Loss

Did everyone remember safety protocol for our crash landing back to Earth? After slowly making themselves into contenders in the eye's of the national media, the Cardinals promptly did this. Here's my take (or grasping at straws) of 5 positives from the loss to be forgotten.

Jamie Squire - Getty Images

1. PP21 on PR - During last weeks win, one of the big concerns was what in the world is wrong with Patrick Peterson. Nothing like playing the team against which you have two puntreturns for touchdowns in as many games to drive away the return blues, am I right? Despite having yet to return a punt to pay dirt, Peterson looked explosive again on special teams, and with a little luck, could have turned the tide in the game. Alas, it was not to be.

2. Some offensive creativity - Going into the game (you know, before we all started crying ourselves to sleep?), our offense was misusing two very valuable and versatile weapons, in the form of Anthony Sherman and Rob Housler. Both of these men were large contributors in this game, especially at the end when the Cardinals figured they should start trying to put points on the board (you know, the brief reprieve in the game from Kolb's perpetual pressure?). Both Sherman and Housler were the benefactor of some legitimately creative play calling, and coaching adjustments. Can someone please tell Whiz to just make Sherman the 3rd down runningback? Dude can pass block better than some most of our linemen.

3. Didn't make Bradford look like Superman - After getting thoroughly torched last Sunday by the very green Ryan Tannehill, I guess that Cardinals can take some solace in the fact that we we're able to keep Bradford in check. Despite what you may be feeling after this game, the Cardinal's defense is still a solid unit (and goes without saying that it is the strength of our team). Does the defense still need some work? Absolutely! We need to regain the blitzing magic again, and tighten up in the run game, but gosh darn it, considering how much that felt like a blowout, the defense kept us in the game for the whole 60 minutes.

4. IF, we can figure out how to pass block, we might have a good passing attack - That is a big if mind you, but I can honestly say that if we had Levi Brown and Jeremy Bridges in there on Thursday, we may have just won. When (on the rare occasion) Kolb had a pocket to work with, or heck, even a semblance of a pocket, he was able to work with it and deliver the ball. However, obviously that did not happen for 97.6% of the game, and our offense suffered accordingly. I miss you Levi Brown.

5. First place and ten days to get better - Step back from that ledge my friend, the Cardinals are still in first place, regardless of what happens during the weekend. Plus, we get a mini bye week to get healthy and get prepared to kick some Bill butt! Plus, the media will not doubt instantly turn on us again, and we can go back to thriving as the underdogs! Plus, we have gotten rid of the pressure of going 16-0! Plus, we still have Larry Fitzgerald, who will, in all likelihood, get the yardage necessary against Buffalo to reach 10,000 yards for his career.