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Cardinals vs Rams: Play of the game poll

What play was the play of the game for the Cards in their loss to the Rams?

Scott Rovak-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

4 - 1, still atop the NFC West division. However, last night's game in St. Louis left much to be desired from both sides of the Cardinals team. Kevin Kolb was beaten up on every play. The run game struggled to say the least. On defense, Sam Bradford looked comfortable enough to put up 2 TDs through the air. And all the yellow laundry the Cards had coming their way.

From this pit of stink, I've been tasked with finding the Cardinals' play of the game. Below are the contenders, which as much silver lining as I could muster.

On the defensive side, Daryl Washington leads the way with his sack of Sam Bradford, (the only sack of the game for the Cards) taking the QB for a backwards ride to a negative ten yard loss. This forced a punting situation.

Defense again contributes to the list as the Rams, driving deep into Arizona territory are poised to put more points on the board. Sam Bradford drops back and looks for rookie WR Brian Quick. Patrick Peterson plays the ball in the back corner of the end zone, bringing down both feet while controlling the ball. Takes points of the board.

Offense this time. The only points the Cards scored. Jay Feely was one of two, and this was his one that he put through the uprights from 35 yards out. Points on the board. Silver lining indeed.

Last but not least, Rob Housler gets in on the action for his YAC run. Off a short reception, Housler turns on the jets and breaks back to the middle of the field, where he meets Rams' defender Quintin Mikell. Housler lowers the shoulder and runs through the DB.

In review my pick for play of the game has to be Patrick Peterson's interception in the end zone. It all falls back to my mantra. Points, whether on or off the board. Peterson's pick took those points away from the Rams, making that play my play of the game. What do you think? Let the world know in the poll below.

And don't forget to tune in next time, when the Cards look to rebound against the Buffalo Bills.