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Arizona Cardinals vs St. Louis Rams: Player of the game poll

Who was the Card's player of the game in their loss to the Rams?

Scott Rovak-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Once again it's time for player of the game awards. The loss to the Rams make this a bit difficult, the way in which the Cards were manhandled on both sides of the ball, even more so. But I've dug deep into the silver lining and have managed some contenders.

First up, the current bastion of the offense, and a man that before last night was labeled as fragile. Playing behind a line best suited for (well really nothing) Kevin Kolb was pressured, hurried, knocked down and sacked all game long. Abused even worse than a pinata, Kolb continued to stand back up, brush himself off, and try and make something happen.

Secondly, Jay Feely and his 35 yard field goal were the only points the Cardinals scored. This thrusts Feely into contender-ship, as it was the only points the Cardinals managed to score on the evening.

Defensively, Patrick Peterson was abused on the first drive, but he did take points away from the driving Rams, intercepting Sam Bradford in the corner of the end zone. Additionally, on special teams, Peterson's punt return skills were back from last week's miserable performance.

Lastly, Daryl Washington gets a nod here. He did notch four solo tackles, one assist, and a ten yard sack in yesterday's match-up. He manages to be disruptive all over the field.

The 12th man. Yes, the fans. For having to suffer through that horrible display of football. This game wasn't competitive, no matter who says otherwise. If you watched down to the last drive, you have my admiration.

For me, the choice is simple. Kevin Kolb. He was beaten up all night and still had the grit to get off the ground and continue pushing forward. That makes him my player of the game. What do you think? Let the world know in the poll below.

And don't forget, next week Sunday the Cards look to bounce back against the Buffalo Bills.